Use The Force!



While the internet lights up with the release of the trailer for the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, fitness company Onnit has gone to the Dark Side with the release of a new series of Star Wars themed kettlebells, a slam ball, and a yoga mat.

Meticulously sculpted into 50, 60, and 70 lb. black cast iron kettlebells are a bounty hunter, Imperial Stormtrooper, and Darth Vadar himself, ready to wreak havoc with your workouts. Not to be mistaken for toy souvenirs, these soon to be collector’s items are high quality and chip resistant, built to withstand the most ominous workouts.
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May Madness: 31 Days to Rock That Summer Body!


Hello May! With the first day of the month and the first day of the week coinciding, what a perfect moment to kick off a month long challenge! 

Memorial Day is almost here and the official start of bathing suit season. Many of us have a little extra something from the winter we’d prefer not to, so we’re sharing something new everyday this month to help you do just that. A new exercise, piece of equipment, food, supplement, and much more… stay tuned for a month filled with great tips and products to get you ready to rock that summer body!

I would like to highlight that we are not paid to write about these products. They are all things we use, think are great, and would like to share!

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The 31 Days of Fitness 2017!


Happy New Year everyone and welcome to The 31 Days of Fitness! Every January your editor embarks on a crazy adventure, and does a different workout or takes a different fitness class everyday all month long. My objective? To show our readers how many different exercise options are out there and that there are no excuses not to get in shape this 2017! The holidays have been fun but it’s time to get our butts back in gear as this new year begins. There is a workout for everyone out there — running, spinning, boxing, rowing, Crossfit, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), pole dancing, yoga, pilates, and more — and I’m going to sample them all this month! I’m determined to find the workout for you — not just one you’ll do, but one you will actually enjoy!

January 31: BODY BY BOB. That’s it folks… the 31 Days of Fitness are officially a wrap! Back in NYC, we went out with a bang on Day 31, with a grand finale featuring none other than super trainer Bob Harper! Yes, “Biggest Loser” fans, THE Bob Harper, and let me tell you something… believe the hype! This guy gets star billing for a reason. He is a super motivator. Sampling some of the flavors of workouts I’ve done so far, with a few I hadn’t tasted yet, Bob whipped up an all-out, full-blast circuit of high intensity moves that kicked my butt after one round. Then he kept me going for 3 more rounds, coaching and inspiring me to drop my time too! Borrowing from Gymnastics, CrossFit, and HIIT workouts, the stations went from the Woodway Curve (cool to run on that self propelled treadmill again after Speedplay on Day 29); to Parallette Shoot Thrus (parallel bars on floor with leg swings to front and back); to the Schwinn Airdyne bike (told you it was back); to Thrusters (barbell squats with overhead press); to Sprawlers (burpees without the push-up); to Kettlebell swings.
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The XPT Experience







Ever wonder what life is like for Gabrielle Reece and Laird Hamilton? Well, wonder no more. Gabby and Laird, along with Brian MacKenzie, a human performance specialist, have created The XPT Experience, a 3-day turbo-charged immersion into their lives. XPT stands for Extreme Performance Training and for $5000, you get full access to this trio and a roster of the most buzzed about – although you may not have heard about them yet — trainers, coaches, health and wellness experts. The XPT Experience is an action packed program of workouts, lectures, and playtime too, all of which comes from the cutting edge training, nutrition and recovery these professional athletes have integrated into their daily lives.

For those who don’t know this Amazonian beauty, Gabby Reece is a former professional beach volleyball player, model, best-selling author, mother, and world-renowned fitness personality, most recently seen as the host of NBC’s Strong. At 6’3 she is a towering presence, and at 47 years old, as gorgeous and fit as ever, enhanced by a big heart and generosity as large. Husband Laird Hamilton is the world famous big wave surfer, who at 53 defies age and gravity, riding massive walls of water for a living and inventing new water sports for the rest of us to enjoy. He is recognized as the creator of Stand Up Paddleboarding. His rock hard physique and hunky good looks are hard to ignore, along with an engaging stream of dialogue that questions many common assumptions on health and fitness, while offering alternative ways of thinking with the latest discoveries in human performance. Read More


Beach Bodies



Whether or not you have actually bought the DVDs, chances are you’ve heard of Shaun T and “Insanity”, or Tony Horton and “P90X”. The high energy infomercials on which they’ve been sold are undeniably captivating and dominated the airwaves at those hours we all seem to be looking for something to watch. The infomercials and workouts, as well as the before and after body transformations, have made superstars, or “Super Trainers”, out of these fitness personalities, and earned the company that produces these workouts over $1 billion in sales.

Beachbody is the company behind these DVDs and many more, and producer of the most popular at home fitness and weight loss programming that also includes FOCUS T2521 Day FixBrazil Butt Lift, Fixate, and Hip Hop ABS, among others. P90X alone has sold approximately 7 million DVD copies since its inception. Beachbody On Demand launched in March of 2015, giving consumers unlimited streaming access to the entire library of workouts via their computers. Now available online is a wide variety of programs designed for those who want to lose weight, build muscle, learn to dance, start yoga, or simply eat healthier.

Included in the Beachbody On Demand programming there is also a reality show called The 20’s: The Search for the Next Beachbody Super Trainer. Hosted by one of the original reality TV stars, Dan Cortese, who many will remember from MTV Sports, the show pits a group of 10 hot bodied trainers against each other in competition to see who has what it takes to be the next fitness superstar. Viewers will decide the winner via online voting. At stake is a guaranteed product development contract, the chance to be the next Beachbody Super Trainer, and the opportunity to earn millions of dollars in royalties, bonuses and appearance fees.
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Elevation Mask Training


If you’ve ever skied out West, you’re familiar with the lack of oxygen at high altitudes and have experienced elevation training. You may have noticed how super human you feel when you return to sea level — a result of your aerobic threshold having increased by adjusting to the air up there. Athletes often opt to train at altitudes. Oxygen deprivation increases the production of red blood cells, which aids oxygen delivery to the muscles, giving them a competitive edge.

There is no need to leave home any longer to train at altitude. The Elevation Training Mask 2.0 mimics training at a high altitude. It adjusts between 3,000 and 18,000 feet, by controlling the flow of air delivered to the body, and trains your lungs to use oxygen more efficiently. The Seattle Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lynch is often seen warming up on the sidelines with his mask on. The Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade posted a picture last summer of the whole team using elevation training masks.

The masks are now popping up in gyms across the country, as reported recently in both Cosmopolitan and Womens Healthand this editor couldn’t resist giving one a try. I was put through the paces by James Brewer at Exceed Physical Culture, who uses the mask with clients looking to max out their workouts. From slower movements like dumbbell flys and presses, to full body moves like squats, plyometrics, and the sled push shown above, I did find the mask forces you to be more conscientious of your breathing, and take slower breaths in rhythm with the exercise you’re performing. If you’ve ever gone scuba diving, the sensation is similar to breathing through a regulator. The other thing I noticed, which reminded me of the feeling after a non-stop ski run out West, was my abs contracted with that heavy breathing — a bonus core workout. Read More


Best of The Box


Walking around New York City these days it’s not unusal to see a pair of boxing gloves draped over the shoulder of a fashionably dressed woman. Check out Instagram and you’ll see many a fashion model punching it out with her trainer in sweaty style. Boxing has become the hottest workout in town. A slew of new boxing fitness studios opened their doors in 2015, from the spa-like Shadowbox to the nightclub grungy Overthrow. Long established boxing gyms like Gleasons in Brooklyn, which opened it’s doors in 1937, has more new members than ever, particuarly among women.

Fighters are known for their fitness and ripped physiques. Not only does boxing tone muscles and build full body strength, but it’s a major cardio workout, as anyone who has jump roped or hit the heavy bag for 3 minutes straight can attest.  Just one boxing class can burn up to a thousand calories. It’s a sport that requires not just physical but mental discipline as well. Putting together a series of jab-hook-cross-upper cut combinations while bobbing and weaving requires intense focus and concentration, in addition to muscular and cardiovascular strength.

We spent the summer checking out New York City’s hottest boxing gyms, both old and new. Boxing classes in general feature a mix of calisthenics like squats, lunges, jumping jacks and other plyometrics; good old fashioned sit-ups and other ab work; jump rope, shadowboxing, mitt and heavy bag work. Choosing a boxing gym can come down to location. Do you want designer chic or a “Rocky” style gym? Do you want to actually fight or just train like you do? Whether you’re looking to rule the ring or just blow off some steam, we’ve got your guide to all the hot fight clubs in town.






“Home of Underground Boxing”, the recently opened Overthrow feels more fightclub than fitness studio, and in fact the space is a former afterhours club and meeting spot for radical activists. Dimly lit with red hues, class at 7:30 am had a been-up-all-night vibe, but packed a punch. Classes are taught by pro and top amateur fighters, who put an emphasis on proper form. The 45 minute Boxing Burnout Class incorporates basic boxing technique, shadowboxing, heavy bag work, set to club thumping, heart pumping music.



28 WEST 20 ST.

Whereas many boxing gyms train you like a real fighter, Shadowbox takes a fitness only approach, and the design of the space is like a boxing spa. Opened last spring, this street level studio offers daily heavy bag classes in a cool dim blue room hung with 40 bags. There is private training as well in a vintage whitewashed ring flooded with natural light. Workouts consist of intense shadowboxing and guided heavy bag work, interval training and body weight exercises, paired with high-energy music for a grueling full body workout. A ringside café serves Intelligentsia Coffee and Kilogram Tea, as well as fresh designer juices. The locker rooms feature full-service amenities and complimentary toiletries by C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries.
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The 6 Things I Hate About Yoga


Photographs by Jay Sullivan

I probably shouldn’t admit this, as the editor of a website about sports and fitness, but I don’t like yoga. I really don’t like it at all. I don’t like the music, how long the classes last, the seriousness of the teachers and the lack of personal space. But I do yoga like other people do workouts they don’t enjoy, because I know it’s good for me. I try to go with some disciplined regularity, once a week if I can bear it, because with all the running and spinning I do, I know how critical it is to balance out the intensity of those workouts with something stretchy. Whereas those workouts fly by as I dance my way through a SoulCycle class and endorphine out during a run, I find myself counting the minutes in yoga.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think yoga is an incredible workout, depending on the style. I think the toned yoga body, with its strong shoulders, high glutes and athletic quads, is one of the best you can have. I find myself awestruck as I look around the studio at regular people like me doing handstands and balancing on their arms with their legs tied in pretzel positions that I could never imagine getting into.

I joined Pure Yoga in NYC a few months ago assuming if I was paying monthly for classes I would force myself to go. That has kind of worked; I have a six class per month membership but only go about two to three times a month, so it has become very expensive, too.

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a Hot Power Yoga class taught by Halle Becker, aka “Halle Homegirl,” that I daresay I enjoy. I must confess she had an advantage going in: Halle is also an instructor at SoulCycle, of which I am a devotee, and a family favorite teacher. I was greeted with hugs and high fives upon arriving at my first class, and received shout outs for my down dogs. Who has ever heard of shout outs in yoga??
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