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Looking for a ride? Motorized or self-propelled, these wheels are ready to take you to all your summer destinations. Skateboards, scooters, jeeps and more… jump in, jump on, and let’s go!

CLOCKWISE TOP LEFT: GOCYCLE E-BIKE from $4999. The e-bike offers a little extra boost of power when you need it, and is a nice option for hot summer months when arriving sweaty at your destination is not the preferred look. The award winning Gocycle provides e-cycling transport in style with its sleek ergonomic design. It features predictive electronic gear shifting and is one of the lightest e-bikes we’ve seen at 35lbs. The Gocycle’s low center of gravity offers agile handling and easy lifting, and it folds for convenient storage and transport. With speeds up to 15.5mph and 40 miles per charge, this is the way to go!

PENNY SKATEBOARDS $159.99. New from Penny Skateboards is their longboard collection, made for summer cruisin’! Heading to the beach or zipping through the city streets, no matter the destination the unique concave shape and natural flex of these plastic longboards offer a smooth and easy ride. Available in six color combos, the Penny 36″ Longboard is the cool way to travel this summer!

FUZION CITYGLIDE $79.99. Why should kids have all the fun? The Fuzion CityGlide scooter is made for grown-ups and can handle up to 220lbs. With oversized wheels and a lightweight durable aluminum frame, the CityGlide provides a smooth and fast ride, designed for a speedy commute or a zip about town. Featuring a large rear brake, innovative folding system, and comfortable telescoping handlebars, this is the ideal adult push scooter for those looking for a new way to get around.
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NFL Hires First Female Coach


The glass ceiling has been smashed wide open with the announcement today of the hiring of Jen Welter, the NFL’s first female coach. Welter will be among seven assistant coaching interns to work with the Arizona Cardinals during training camp and preseason, coaching specifically the inside linebackers. Self-described on her LinkedIn page as “a football playing PhD,” Welter has and continues to make history in the football world.

Welter comes to Arizona from the Texas Revolution, a men’s professional indoor football league team, where she played running back and special teams in 2014. At 5-foot-2, 130 pounds, she became the first woman to play a non-kicking position in a men’s professional football league. She then signed on with the Revolution to work with linebackers and special teams in 2015, making her the first female coach in men’s professional football. Said Michael Strahan, former New York Giant, future Hall of Famer, and co-host of “Live with Kelly and Michael,” this morning, “She has more playing experience than a lot of male coaches out there.”
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StaceyG + Milly


It is starting to feel like Milly month around here! Last week we went behind the scenes at Milly Cabana, and this week we’re back with her t-shirt collaboration with another Style of Sport favorite, Soul Cycle Master Instructor, Stacey Griffith. The StaceyG+Milly limited edition collection of tanks and tees recently debuted and are proving to be the “IT” item of the summer with celebs like J.Lo, Demi Lovato, and supermodel Hilary Rhoda spotted wearing them in both the Hamptons and LA.

Stacey Griffith is undoubtably SoulCycle’s hottest instructor, with an obsessively dedicated following that includes Milly’s Designer & Founder, Michelle Smith. For those who take Stacey’s classes regularly, phrases like “No One Remembers Normal”, “Charge It Hard Like Your Amex Card” and “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” are just a few of the comedic bits of motivation she throws out during class to keep everyone going full throttle. Says Michelle, “These Stacey-isms are our funny, witty, snarky, spiritual wisdom for the day.”

What began as party favors inspired the collection. Michelle had been making Milly t-shirts for a while and decided to print up a bunch with these inimitable quotes for Stacey’s birthday back in April. Seeing the words in print and with a few A-listers sporting them around SoulCycle, the collaboration was inevitable. With their popularity, more are soon to come and mens tees are on the way too.




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Rapha Shades


Rapha is one of the sport brands that most epitomizes the Style of Sport, with its line of chic and sophisticated, performance oriented cycling apparel. Based in London, the company produces bike jerseys, pants, and shoes, in addition to other apparel and accessories designed for the discerning cyclist, and has now introduced sunglasses into the collection.

Handmade in Italy, Rapha Classic Sunglasses are designed with more of a casual aesthetic that are ideal for the bike commuter, yet versatile enough for training rides. Offering a similar weight and field of vision as the more technical-looking styles, these glasses have a wraparound shape inspired by the history of bike-racing eyewear. This shape also aids airflow, ensuring the lenses won’t fog up and that the glasses can be worn with all helmet types. Rubber-tipped nose pads and rubber arms hold the glasses in place.

The lens technology is supplied courtesy of Carl Zeiss Vision, and are available in three distinctive colorways. All are coated for 100% protection from UV rays, and both the green and brown lenses are polarized for anti-glare. The pink lens is designed for low-light conditions. Rapha Classic Sunglasses retail for $295.

On the bike and off, we are loving this newest addition to the Rapha family!

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Lie Down Paddleboarding


While the popularity of stand up paddleboarding has exploded, a new offshoot of the sport has arrived, which is actually where SUP got its start. Prone paddleboards are now what many of the pros use on the SUP race circuit, and this trend has begun to trickle down to the recreational paddler. Designed to be paddled while lying flat or sitting on your knees, prone paddleboards are like bullets — sexy and fast! No paddle is required, nor is there standing involved. Typically 12 or 14ft, these boards slice through the water with ease and make chop feel like glass. Prone paddleboarding delivers a great endurance workout and can also improve your surfing by strengthening those paddling muscles needed to catch waves.



One of the biggest names in SUP, Bark Paddleboards and namesake surfboard shaper Joe Bark, manufactures some of the top prone boards as well.  Shown above is the Bark Commander Pro Elite ($1999/2249), the carbon fiber production model of the winning board for the last seven years of Molokai-2-Oahu — the 32-mile island-to-island World Championship race in Hawaii. Up top, and what I demoed at Island Surf in Westhampton Beach, is the less expensive and more durable Bark Commander AST ($1499/$1699) – ready for those who want to go out and have some fun trying a new summer sport. Ideal for both fitness and racing, the AST features comfortable knee wells and a built in chest rise, so you can max out every stroke. It has a sleek matte finish too, for a cool look both in and out of the water.

Top photo by Ally Greenberg / Swimsuit by Milly Cabana

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The Girls of “Girls” On Girls Bodies



large-header-1 copy

This story originally appeared on one of our favorite websites, WELL+GOOD, the go-to-guide for all things health, fitness, and wellness!

In March, Lena Dunham posted a photo from her Tracy Anderson workout to Instagram with a caption detailing her longtime struggle with anxiety and how exercise has helped her manage it. “It ain’t about the ass, it’s about the brain,” she wrote about her reasons for working out and its benefits. The post set off a flurry of support, garnering over 100,000 likes and close to 6,000 comments.

It wasn’t a groundbreaking statement, but the sentiment, presented to her fans, was just one example of how Dunham and her Girls co-stars are representing a new kind of exercise zeitgeist for young women, promoting sweat sessions for mental health, balance, strength and confidence—as opposed to a path to getting skinny.

To dig deeper, we interviewed Jemima Kirke, an artist who plays Jessa on Girls, and her Brooklyn fitness trainer, Cadence Dubas. Kirke’s journey started with the challenge of accepting her post-baby body, and she says that only after working out with Pilates trainer and Brooklyn Strength owner Cadence Dubus did she learn to place an emphasis on getting strong rather than skinny, which has taken self body shaming out of her routine.

“As women, we’re taught our whole lives that thin is better, that the less space we take up the better, and that being strong is not associated with being feminine,” Kirke told us. “For Cadence, it’s ‘Strong is feminine.’ Because we need to be strong in our lives and work out for more than just looking good. It’s functional, it improves the quality of your life, so that you can pick up your kids and chase after them without getting winded. It’s about that, not about working out because you ate…fuck whatever it is that you ate!” Read More

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Surf Is Where You Find It


Gerry Lopez is one of the most revered surfers of his generation, a legendary wave rider who came of age in the 1970′s, and continues to surf and snowboard with inimitable flair today. Lopez first made his mark on the famous Banzai Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore, with a laid back style so cool and distinctive, he came to be known as “Mr.Pipeline”. Surf Is Where You Find It is a collection of 38 short stories – tales and revelations told by Lopez about the people, places, and lessons learned during a lifetime of surfing. Originally published in 2008, this revised and expanded 2015 edition is filled with three times as many photos, many of them never-before-seen shots from Lopez’s personal albums. Surf Is Where You Find It shares his memories of surf eras gone by, and commemorates those who helped shape the surfing world of today.

Lopez, in addition to being a surfing pioneer, was also an early practicer of yoga, long before that discipline had the mainstream popularity it does today. We had a chance to chat with Lopez about the book, career highlights, and the parallels between yoga and surfing that made him one of the sport’s iconic figures.
Gerry Lopez-1

SOS: So Gerry…where do I begin with you? There is so much we could talk about! Let’s start with the book, Surf Is Where You Find It. What I think is really fun about the book is that you can jump around from chapter to chapter. They really are short stories and I think everyone will find ones that interest them. For someone who’s not a surfer, what are the lessons can they can learn from this book?

GL: Well in my lifetime, I’ve met a lot of people who never rode a wave, but we share the same consciousness. Surfing is a kind of a state of mind… I mean, it’s a feeling that people have about their life that really, in a way, kind of makes them a surfer. There are a lot of parallels to yoga.
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Behind The Scenes: Milly Cabana


Last summer, while photo editing “Models of Influence” by Nigel Barker, I spent a lot of time flipping though old Elle magazines looking for images of the 80′s supermodels. It was there that I found a new appreciation for those sexy sporty Gilles Bensimon pictures of models like Elle Macpherson, Rachel Williams and Famke Jansson, seen through the Style Of Sport lens. I knew my friend Michelle Smith, the Founder and Designer of Milly, would love them too.

Michelle and I are “Soulmates”, getting sweaty together on a regular basis at SoulCycle. But we are also connected by our obsession with those iconic moments in fashion history, a visual language that we share from years spent in the business — me, in editorial and her, in design.

It was, in fact, those 80′s Elle images that became the inspiration for her Milly Cabana swimwear collection in stores in November. Michelle gave Style of Sport an inside peek of what’s to come and shared how a bunch of old tear sheets evolved into this evocative and sporty collection.

STYLE OF SPORT: Alright… so tell me how this all begins. What is your creative process?

MICHELLE SMITH: It starts in two different ways. I start looking at images. I have this vibe in my mind, and I’m also looking at a lot of colors and fabric swatches at the same time. So you’re in my office right now and you see a lot of stuff on the floor that makes no sense (laughs), but to me this makes total sense.  I know where everything is and this is actually really neat for me. When I’m working, when I’m like really into it, my whole floor is covered in fabric and so they kind of feed off each other. Like the fabrics and the colors are feeding off these inspiration images that I’m pulling, and it’s sort of building and creating this look and it’s focusing in on one particular thing. I was really inspired, and I actually reached out to you looking for that essence of the late 80s — Elle magazine, Gilles Bensimon, Elle Macpherson, really active, sporty, healthy, vibrant, gorgeous vibe.
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